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First of all, who do I choose to install my free to air system???

Always choose an installer who is “Saorview approved” or “Saorview recognised”.

Who are they approved by and where can I find an approved Installer???

There are three Saorview recognised agencies which you can find through the Saorview website;

1) The National Guild of Master Craftsmen

2)Irish Satellite & Aerial Association

3)Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited


What equipment should I choose to use, set top boxes etc???

If you choose to buy the equipment yourself the installer will most likely not take any responsibility for equipment failure so it is probably best that you discuss this with your installer and let them choose what to install. But do remember Saorview approved equipment is more reliable but does tend to cost more.

What is the list of equipment needed to install a Free To Air System???

The components needed for a complete Free To Air Installation are as follows, a Satellite dish completed with Lnb and bracket, set top box (Hd optional), Scart lead or Hdmi lead, coax cable, F connectors and if you would also like to avail of Saorview you would then need an Aerial.

If I have a sky dish already will I be able to use this as part of my installation or will I need another dish?

This will all depend on a few factors, If you are getting rid of Sky Digital and replacing the system with Free To Air then you can use the existing dish providing that the satellite is in working order.

If you are keeping Sky Digital and adding a Free To Air system to your home what an installer can do is change the Lnb (single to quad or octo) on the existing dish to allow for more outputs for digital receivers. We would suggest only to use an octo (8) on a solid dish as with the weight of the cables and the Lnb it may cause the arm of the dish to bend an break through time.

If the satellite dish is at the maximum output of cables your installer may advise that you use another satellite dish for your installation.

Where will the Satellite dish be mounted???

The direction the dish needs to be facing in order to get a signal is 28.2E. Generally an installer will always try to mount a dish on the back or side of a house and not on the front of the house were possible. If the dish needs to be pointed in the direction that the front of your house is facing then a stand off bracket mounted at the back of the house will be used to angle the dish above the gutter thus receiving a signal. Mounting a dish on a chimney sometimes is not suitable due to maintenance factors.


How long will the system take to install???

Generally a Free To Air System can take between 2-3 hours depending on the difficulty of the installation.

What cables will be shown???

All quality installers will always try to hide the cables as well as possible even if this means running them through the attic space or by using trunking if needed.

What channels will I receive with Free To Air???

The Free To Air channel list is up on under the heading channel list.

Will I be able to receive Irish channels using my Satellite dish???

No,if you would like to receive Irish channels (Saorview) then you will need to have an aerial fitted and wired to your com-bi set top box or Saorview Television set.

Are the set top boxes easy to use???

Here at electrocraft we have carefully chosen the most user friendly Free To Air boxes in order to make life easier for you the customer, to navigate easily around the menu’s. We will always take time to sit down with a customer and discuss every aspect of the box during the installation process.

Will there be any after-care support offered if I have any questions???

Along with the installation, after-care support is offered by electrocraft 24/7 over the phone and if your query cannot be dealt with by phone we will be happy to call to your home at your chosen availability. Remember there are no silly questions.

How much will it cost to install Free To Air???

Prices definitely do vary as each installation is different and will require more  equipment on some jobs and less on other(set top boxes).Contact us at for a quote or by telephone(listed on the site)

Do I pay a monthly fee or a subscription???

No never!!! Free To Air is subscription free service with no hidden fee’s.

Please contact us directly by phone or email to receive a quotation. Email-  087 0988861/ 01 8214102

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Free To Air & Saorview



Free To Air & Saorview with solid dish

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