Re-tuning Saorview Channels

As of this week all of your Saorview channels will have to be re-scanned in order to continue to view all your favorite Irish stations.

Technical improvements to SAORVIEW will mean that viewers can enjoy an improved HD service.

From today and for two weeks afterwards, viewers are advsied to re-scan their SAORVIEW equipment, which SAORVIEW said is “simple and should take no more than a couple of minutes by using the settings on either the television or Set-Top Box”.

If you are using the 4ife SV 600 or the Walker combi box follow the steps below to re-scan.

  • Press the Menu button
  • Go to SET UP and press the OK button on the remote
  • Go to INSTALLATION and press the OK button on the remote
  • Go to TERRESTRIAL AUTOMATIC SCAN and press the OK button on the remote
  • It will ask on the screen do you want to start the Automatic scan, go to YES and press the OK button on the remote
  • The scan will take a few minutes and your new stations will be re-tuned.

If you are using a Saorview Approved TV or any other Set Top Box follow this link below for instructions on how to re-scan.

If you need one of our Installers to call out and re-tune your Saorview box, call us onĀ 

01 8214102/087 0988861

(A small call out charge will apply)






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