UTV Ireland Now on Saorview (How To Tune in)


Get ready for UTV Ireland

Saorview has made another great addition to its already scintillating list of free TV stations with the introduction of UTV Ireland. From the start of 2015 UTV can be watched all over the Republic of Ireland on Saorview.

Irish programs

So far UTV Ireland have announced a handful of Irish programs for the channel’s launch in 2015. It has been announced that Pat Kenny will join the channel but no clues to what kind of program he will be involved with.

News and Current Affairs

The main evening news will start at 18:30 and will be titled Ireland Live with their late night news called Ireland Live at Ten, it is anticipated that both with be hosted by Alison Comyn and Chris Donoghue. Friday nights edition of Ireland Live will concentrate mainly on Sport.


Pat Kenny, is expected to be involved in a chat show, however the style of the program is not known as of now.

UTV’s popular agricultural program Rare Breed will also have a series produced for UTV Ireland. 22 Irish farming families currently being filmed across the country telling all about life as it really is over a year in their lives.


UTV are to enter into negotiations for funding for a two part documentary called The Wireless. The independent producer is Circle Films. This is an historical documentary about the development of Radio.

Imported programming

The reason for UTV entering the Republic of Irelands market is down to ITV’s decision to sell Coronation Street and Emmerdale to UTV over rivals TV3.

Largely UTV Ireland will replicate what UTV are doing. There will be some exceptions as some rights to certain programs are not available to UTV in the Republic and other programs rights are not available in Northern Ireland. For example the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, actually made by a division of ITV Studios, will air on UTV Ireland, while ITV’s The X-Factor, made by a division of Fremantle Media, remains with TV3.

UTV Ireland have yet to announce any films or TV programs from any other country at this moment.

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