Saorview & Satfree TV System


The Saorview & Satfree TV system is an excellent alternative to other paid and subscription Television services. The system has over 70 stations including all your favourite Irish and English programs most of which are in High Definition. Its completely bill free with only the installation fee to pay. Saorview is Ireland’s Subscription free Television service that is available all over Ireland and can be received with an outdoor aerial.

Satfree is the Irish version of Freesat that is broadcast in the UK. It is a digital satellite television venture between the BBC and ITV. The service was formed back in 2007 and offers a satellite alternative to subscription TV with a similar selection of channels available without any monthly bills. The digital system broadcasts in standard and High definition.

Why pay for TV when you can get it all for free.

The system that we install is the most user friendly Saorview and Satfree systems available on the Irish market. One of the main advantages of our TV systems is the use of Satfree rather than the generic version mostly used by other installers which is Free to air.

The differences between these systems are extensive. With Satfree the set top box updates itself if a channel changes frequency or if a channel is added to the Satfree system(this will go unnoticed by the customer) unlike a basic Free to air system which you have to manually tune and scan for stations if they become unavailable.

With Satfree there is a 7 day programme Guide on both the Irish and UK channels (unlike Free to air) and we supply our own carefully laid out instruction page so every aspect on how to use the set top box is explained in great detail. With every installation we offer free phone support all day long just in case any confusion does occur. The Set top box along with all other components of the installation come with a 1 year guarantee. All components of our installations have been carefully chosen and are all well known Irish branded products.


The set top box installed is the HD Saorview approved Walker Combination Box.  (WP645TS).

  • It has a full Electronic Guide for Irish and UK stations.
  • Irish and UK Radio stations.
  • Full Teletext.
  • A Scart connection so it is compatible with older Televisions.
  • A Hd connection for newer TV’s
  • PVR Functionality so  you can record and pause live TV when connected to an external hard-drive.
  • It has a built in media player so you can view all your collection of downloaded movies when you plug in your Hardrive.








The 4ife CAI approved Aerial used for receiving Saorview has a 4G blocker to stop any unwanted or stray signal that may come from the new 4G phone service.









We use a 60cm Satellite Dish pacifically designed for the Irish market complete with a quad LNB allowing up to 4 TV points (if needed) to be distributed.


All connectors, cable, Scart and Hdmi Cables are included in the installation price.

The full channel list of the Saorview and Satree System can be found here.




Electrocraft is a professional business that specializes in the installation of Saorview and Satfree Satellite TV. We are based in Castleknock and have over 40 years of Satellite TV experience including domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Electrocraft has grown to become the contractor of choice for Home Owners, Building Contractors and Business Owners. Electrocraft is approved by the National guild of Master craftsmen, recognized by Saorview as an approved installer and is a registered contractor with the ECSSA.


  • 1 Room:   €299
  • 2 Rooms:  €475
  • 3 Rooms:  €650
  • 4 Rooms:  €825



Please contact us directly by Email or Phone if you need further information.        Phone- 087 0988861/ 01 8214102



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